If your style is to love natural lashes and want longer lashes, you can choose classic eyelashes. What are classic eyelash extensions?

What are classic eyelashes? – Why is this eyelash extension style so popular now?

Today, in this information, Minh Lashes will help you learn any specific and any detailed information related to this technique method, a method that makes you have long gorgeous natural eyelashes.

Type of eyelash extensions styles:

1.What are Classic Eyelashes?

Classic eyelashes, also known as technique of eyelash extensions one by one. They are a technique of lengthening eyelashes with the aesthetic material of false mink or silk lashes. 

Every real eyelash will be extended with false eyelash for thickness and lengthen the eyelashes. As a result, you will have great eyes that are both light, dense and still very natural. This is a popular beauty method of Korean and Japanese women.

Classic eyelash extensions became very popular in Japan in 2000. Until now, this style of extensions has existed for more than 20 years but still has an important position in every beauty customer. Simple classic eyelash extension style, natural look and absolute affection for the clients.

Classic Eyelash By Minh Lashes

The eyelashes used in classic style are usually about 0.10–0.20mm in size and are imported from the country of the rising sun or the land of kimchi. With this type of eyelash extension technique, women will own large round eyes, naturally attractive eyelashes.

However, depending on the  health of each eye, the technicians will allocate and adjust the number of eyelashes attached to the real lash for safe and beautiful looking purposes, not too heavy and eyesore. Or the thickness of the eyelashes is too dense, blocking the vision of the eyes.

A classic set of beautiful lashes is the lashes that are evenly connected on both sides and are not blank when extended.

2. Every step of Classic Eyelashes

♦ Step 1: Choose the type of eyelashes

Classic Set By Minh Lashes

Usually, you should make an idea on real eyelashes and preferences for clients to choose the right type of eyelashes to extend. Follows:

If the real lashes are really thick: you can choose thick classic eyelashes, the right type of eyelashes is mink eyelashes (a little thicker than real eyelashes and with highlights).

If the eyelashes are thin and weak: you can choose a type of small thin eyelashes to avoid breakage. The type of eyelashes to use is premium silk (light and natural).

If you like gentle style: choose the longest lashes (size 11, 12 or 12, 13).

For those of you who like a natural look, but are equally active: you can choose medium-length eyelashes (size 10, 11).

Many of you wonder about the cost of eyelash extensions. If a beautiful full set of eyelashes is expensive, how much does it cost? The price depends on 3 factors, that is the size of the beauty salon, the number of lashes and the brand of lashes. However, usually, the price ranges from $70 to $120 AUD for a beautiful classic set of eyelashes.

♦ Step 2: Prepare for eyelash extensions

For start the beauty work to be conducted smoothly and without eye infection, before applying classic eyelash extensions, you need to prepare the following:

Firstly, you need to clean your lashes with an oil-free cleanser by lash Shampoo solution ( Minh lashes Shampoo).

Prepare the appropriate type of eyelashes for connection according to the size, thickness and curl.

After that, you proceed to cleanly disinfect the eyelash extension tools such as tweezers, this will ensure the prevention of eye and eyelid infections.

Next, you need to fix the lower eyelid and put on eye pads and permanent the lower lash with tape ( medical tape or eyelash tapes) to limit the glue falling and irritating the eyes.

♦ Step 3: Start to apply classic eyelash extensions

First, proceed to extend the upper eyelashes by dipping the tail of each false eyelash into the lash glue, then gently and carefully attach it on to the real eyelash.

Do this until the upper lash is complete.

The number of extended lashes for both eyes is from 120 to 250 false eyelashes. 

 it is connected strand-by-strand and without interruption, interconnected clusters. 

Should not, for example, drop or break or rub the eye. The eyelash extension time depends on the connection skill and fluctuates in the range of 45 – 60 minutes. The lash on the eyes can last from 4 to 7 weeks depending on the quality and clients can keep the lashes clean and nice after extension.

Note after eyelash extensions:

Use an eyelash brush after finishing the techniquecal give it for you to gently brush your lashes every day. When you are brushing, use your finger to support your lashes.

After 24 hours with water restriction, you can start cleaning your Classic eyelashes with clean water with shampoo solution. You can buy them in your beauty shop. 

Do not use cosmetics containing oils and essential oils for the eyelash area. Because the eyelash extension glue will melt when it meets the essential oil. Use only natural and gentle eyelash care products.

Do not rub your lashes as this will cause them to fall out.

When going out, wear sunglasses and dust proof glasses.

When sleeping, avoid lying on your stomach.

Do not use mascara because it is difficult to clean.

Should check the condition of the eyelashes regularly, you can make an appointment with the beautician to have the lashes infill your lash if it is more than 2 weeks to make your eyelash fuller and look nicely.


By now, you definitely know what a classic eyelash extension is, this Classic eyelashes is different from the different eyelash styles. If you want beautiful eyelash extensions, consider choosing the right type of eyelashes. I Hope you have thick and attractive eyes as desired.

Above is the most selective and complete information related to classic eyelash. Hopefully with all the information we give to you, you have had a comprehensive look at this cosmetic method . If there is a need for eyelash extensions, look for a quality and professional eyelash extension place to get the most satisfactory eyelashes.

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