Owning impressive eyes with attractive thick eyelashes is the desire of many girls. Many women have chosen volume eyelashes to own beautiful thick eyelashes of their dreams to save time instead of applying mascara for long hours. It is necessary to mention Eyelash extensions techniques in general and Volume eyelash extensions in particular. So what is volume eyelash extension? How to perform standard and beautiful natural volume extensions?

Volume eyelash extensions are one of the most popular eyelash extensions styles, especially for those who are passionate about eye-catching and outstanding. The plus point of volume eyelash is to help big and round eyes, thick thick eyelashes to make an impression on your eyes. Find out with Minh Lashes right away.

Type of eyelash extensions styles:

1.What are volume eyelashes?

Appearing in 2013, volume eyelashes make many people love and definitely have to try once in their life. Although appearing after the classic eyelash extension style, because of its own special and impressive features, volume eyelash has always affirmed its solid position in beauty services to the present. Volume style helps sexy and impressive eyes.


This type of eyelash extensions started from Russia, it is an eyelash extension technique to create a 3-4-5 beam of Fan eyelashes extending directly to the real eyelashes. Because of cluster eyelash extensions, after joining, the eyelashes become dense, black, long and curved, impressive.

Volume Eyelashes by Minh Lashes

Easy way to understand, instead of connecting 1 false eyelash to 1 real eyelash like a classic eyelash, this style will glue 3 or 4 or more false eyelashes on top of 1 real eyelash. The false eyelashes will be attached in bunches to simplify the eyelash extension without causing the false eyelashes to fall or fall during the application process.


Not only that, volume lashes are also divided into many different types of eyelash extensions to stylize and change the style of the eyes. For example: cat eye lashes, mega volume, and Merge volume ect…


2. Why are Volume Eyelashes really HOT?

Volume eyelashes with many outstanding advantages over other forms of eyelash extensions have conquered women’s hearts that is how all the clients choose the volume lashes. Typically as:

The volume of eyelashes is light and without glue around, does not feel heavy or bulky for the eyes.

Create a feeling of thick, bold eyelashes, different from traditional eyelash extensions.

Due to their lightweight nature, false eyelashes can be adjusted to the desired thickness. Deeper, sexier and more soulful eyes to these false eyelashes.

In the process of eyelash extensions, it only takes a few hours to have naturally beautiful and curved eyelashes.

Highly durable, lashes don’t get messi after being attached to the eyes. They also don’t feel pain or itching.

One of the advantages of volumetric eyelash extensions is that volume lashes have a longer hold time on the eyes. If you take good care of your eyelashes, the volume will not move or fall off in about 1-2 months.

Volume Eyelashes

Although bringing many good effects as above, the cost of this eyelash extension technique is extremely affordable.

At the same time, you do not spend too much time on eyelash extensions. This technique is very simple and fast. Therefore, you can save time and keep the eyelashes on the eyelash line for a long time.


To better understand how volume eyelash extensions will help you become beautiful and charming.

3. Note for all ladies who have and will do volume eyelashes  need to know.

Volume eyelashes technique is being loved everywhere. However, not all women are suitable after extension. Because you have not yet grasped the notes when eyelash extensions. There are 4 things you must-know if you plan to add it.

Volume Eyelashes

-Objects should not do this Volume Eyelashes

Some who have too weak eyelashes, damaged by physical, environment or cosmetics are not suitable for all forms of eyelash extensions. The effect of eyelash extension glue can cause real eyelashes to gradually fall off or make the eyes sensitive.


In addition, the girls have too sensitive eyes. Because it is very easy to be allergic to polyester – a fairly common ingredient in eyelash extension glue.

-Do the Volume eyelashes extension procedure properly

Before applying eyelash extensions, make sure safety and standards for clients, it really necessary to pay attention:


Must check all the types of client’s eyes before extension. If their skin is sensitive and easily irritated, you should not apply eyelash extensions and recommend for them which way is better for their eyelash.

Expert advice on volume eyelash extension techniques, including limitations and advantages, thickness, and curvature suitable for their eyes.

You should be aware of oil-free makeup removers or use any oil cosmetic.

4. All steps for do volume eyelashes by Minh Lashes you must be know

Step 1: Clean the eye with lash shampoo. Your eyes have a lot of dust and bacteria because you must work outside the environment. Therefore, before performing eyelash extensions, you need to clean them before performing eyelash extensions. You can use a foaming solution to clean the eyelashes then rinse with clean water and dry.


Step 2: Choose the right size and right curved depending on the customer’s preferences, requirements and real eyelash length.


Step 3: Shape the lower lashes with Eyepad then apply more paper tape or medical tape on the rest to make all the lash come down.


Step 4: Proceed with any eyelash extensions: similar to the classic eyelash extension. But for the volume extension method, when pulling the lashes up, you have to pull them out slowly so that the eyelash glue is smooth on the surface of the fan lashes, not like classic lashes.


Step 5: Finish the eyelash extension connected with real lash. Check all connected lashes to ensure the best adhesion.


Step 6: Remove the eye tape and eye pads and brush the lashes evenly.


Step 7: Instruct customers how to care for this set eyelashes  after finishing it.

Volume Eyelashes by Minh Lashes

All the above is the basic knowledge about how to do volume eyelash extensions as well as the techniques and beautiful volume eyelashes that MINH LASHES provides to you. However, in order to connect a beautiful and sexy pair of eyelashes, you first need to choose reputable facilities, skilled technicians and have been trained in professional volume eyelash extensions from basic to advanced to Best quality guaranteed for your service.

5. How to take care of volume eyelashes after extension

– Volume Eyelashes limit contact with water, especially hot water.

-Do not use essential oils for eyelashes because essential oils will make the glue melt.

-Do not brush your lashes while they are wet.

-Avoid water for 24 hours.

-Do not rub your eyes with your hands after eyelash extensions.

-Do not sleep lying on your stomach.

-Do not use mascara or curling irons.

-Do not use eyelash makeup remover.

-Limit eye makeup.

-Clean the eyelids with water every day to protect the hygiene of the eyelashes.

-Avoid hot baths and saunas.

So there it is!

Volume Eyelashes are not a new service in the beauty world and you can easily see this beauty service appearing at any beauty shop. However, to be on the safe side, it’s better to know about the profession of eyelash extensions and listen to expert advice to know if your lashes can withstand the type of eyelash extensions. If you finish this volume style, I hope you all have beautiful, sexy, curvy and attractive eyelashes!