Eyelash Extension Glue Wipes will clean your adhesive nozzle tip without the need for any additional cleaning supplies or solutions.

Use Wipe between each use of adhesive to prevent the cap from sticking to the nozzle.

The wipes will not stick to the bottle or leave any residue behind.

It is also perfect for cleaning tweezers, jade lash palettes, or any other surface with adhesive remover.

Wide application: you can use the glue wiping cloth to clean the eyelashes extension glue bottle, quickly wipe the residue on the bottle mouth before it dries out, these wipes can prevent the glue bottle from clogging.

Quality material: our eyelashes extension glue cleaners are made of quality non-woven fabric, they are soft, lint-free, and absorbent, they are not easy to shed so it will not leave fiber on any smooth surface, and they do not scrape the bottle or your face.

Keep you tidy: with these removal wipes, you can keep your makeup tools and bottle container nice and clean, and they can also protect your face or nails from dirty makeup stains, you can also use them to clean small items like silver or gold rings.

Portable to carry: we choose to stack these glue wipe pads on top of one another, so the container has a small size, it is convenient to carry them in your suitcase, or bag when you have a business trip or vacation plan.

Quantity: 100 wipes/pack.