Why Are Eyelashes Short And Sparse? Can It Be Lengthened And How?

As a girl, everyone wants to have attractive eyes with thick and long eyelashes, but there are people who are born with eyelashes short. Even some girls look like they have no eyelashes, causing low self-esteem. The above problem comes from many causes, including genetics or external influences. Let’s find out the reason why eyelashes are short and sparse and how to fix it with Minh Lashes!

Why are eyelashes short and sparse

Causes of short and sparse eyelashes

There are many people who are born with short and sparse eyelashes, but there are some people who are objectively affected. This makes the two eyelashes not as long as they should be, which changes how deep the eyes look. So what are the specific reasons why eyelashes do not reach their normal length?

About the subjective factor

Regarding this factor, we consider genetic and geographical issues. There are many people born with short and sparse eyelashes, thin eyelashes, and very easy eyelashes to fall off.

Eyelash is a rather special type of hair on the body; it is soft and sensitive, and once it is shed, it is very difficult to regrow and grows very slowly. Therefore, people who are born with short and sparse eyelashes often see very few eyelashes, and if they want longer and thicker eyelashes, they must take care of their eyelashes very carefully. You may also have to pay a lot of money for eyelash extensions or false eyelashes.

About the subjective factor

About the objective factor

These are the common factors that lead to short and sparse eyelashes, and some of the main causes are as follows:

Incorrect eye makeup removal

Nowadays, makeup is no longer strange to girls. When applying makeup, the eyes are always carefully cared for because they are the highlight of the face.

However, because eyelashes are soft and easy to fall out, if you abuse makeup and remove it carefully, this will be the cause of eyelash loss. As a result, the eyelashes become thin and short, making recovery difficult.

Many women, in particular, use too much mascara or eyeliner, which adds to the stress on the eyelashes. Therefore, you should pay attention to also cleaning the mascara and not letting it stick for too long because the chemicals in the mascara can also make the eyelashes weak and easy to fall off.

Rubbing your eyelashes too hard, or rubbing your eyes

In the process of removing makeup or washing your face daily, your effects on your eyes and eyelashes are also the cause of your eyelashes weakening. Many people have the habit of rubbing their eyelashes to remove dirt. This has a significant impact on the eyelashes, making them weak, painful, and easily broken.

Similarly, when you rub your eyes, the force from the hand is too strong, which will also make the eyelashes easier to fall and shorter or sparser. No matter how healthy your lashes are, rubbing them every day causes them to break. And over time, your eyelashes will fall into a sparse state that is difficult to salvage.

Rubbing your eyelashes too hard, or rubbing your eyes

Improper use and abuse of eyelash curlers

To have the desired curled eyelashes, you definitely have to use eyelash curlers. However, if you clamp your eyelashes too tightly, making the use of an eyelash curler incorrect, it will make your eyelashes weak and broken.

Even when used correctly, using an eyelash curler incorrectly can result in short, thin, or falling out lashes. Because every time you use an eyelash curler, you apply a pretty strong force to the eyelash, making it weaker. So if you don’t need to apply makeup or curl your eyelashes, you should limit the use of this tool.

Using fake eyelashes

Not everyone is lucky enough to have thick, curled eyelashes, so the use of false eyelashes as a temporary beauty treatment is very popular. However, when you abuse the false eyelashes too much, it will put a lot of pressure on the real eyelashes, making them weak and easy to break. Especially when you take off your eyelashes in a hurry, it will be easy to make your real eyelashes “fly with the wind.”

How to fix short eyelashes / sparse eyelashes

You have two options for treating your short and sparse eyelashes: cosmetic intervention and home care. With the first method, you need to go to a reputable spa to extend or transplant eyelashes, helping your eyelashes become thicker and longer. With the second method, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to make your lashes long and thick naturally.

Whether the lashes are short or sparse, there are many methods to help them grow longer. Because the structure of lashes is similar to that of hair, if you take good care of your hair, it will grow long and full right away. Similarly, when lashes are properly cared for and provided with adequate nutrients, they will still grow longer and healthier.

How to fix short eyelashes / sparse eyelashes

Use eyelash conditioner

The solution can be coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, or vaseline used to condition eyelashes. It not only helps you achieve naturally long, thick, and curled lashes. That’s why you should regularly use eyelash conditioner to better protect and care for your lashes.

You can buy solutions that are made with natural ingredients and other good active ingredients. Note that you need to find quality products from reputable brands to get the effect and avoid damaging your eyes.

If you want to save money, you can choose to use these essential oils directly. Even so, the effect will take longer to come, but in return, it is very safe and does not adversely affect the eyes or skin.

Supplement essential nutrients

Just like taking care of your hair, caring for short or thin lashes is similar to building a well-rounded diet. You should provide enough necessary nutrients, especially vitamins and proteins that are good for eyelash growth.

Foods that contain biotin, protein, vitamin E, or collagen are the top priorities. In addition, these nutrients can also be supplemented through functional foods. You can refer to more sources to make the right choice for you.

Supplement essential nutrients

Eyelash extensions

This is a short-term approach for those who want to have long, curled lashes for an important occasion. With only a few hundred thousand dong, you will immediately feel the difference on your face. The time to use eyelash extensions lasts from 1 to 2 months, but when they fall off, they can lead to real lashes. Therefore, you need to choose a modern method at a reputable and famous spa.

Eyelash transplant

This method is for those who want to own long-lasting curled lashes in exchange for a large cost. Currently, the most popular technique for many girls is biological eyelash transplantation, which involves putting stem cells inside the lashes for them to grow. At the same time, this method also supports the old lashes to become stronger and stimulates the growth of long and thick eyelashes as desired.

The condition of short or sparse lashes is not uncommon, so you do not need to be too self-conscious about this defect. Developmental science offers many problem, including overcoming this problem, making lashes. You should also consider the causes of short and sparse lashes to avoid making them weak and falling out more.em weak and fall more.

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