You may be surprised by these eyelash facts.

The hairs that sprout on the eyelids are known as eyelashes. Eyelashes protect the eyes from dirt and other foreign things. Depending on the location of each person, eyelashes can be long, thick, or short, sparse. Today’s post will teach you some eyelash facts you may not have known before.

Age of eyelashes

Eyelashes have an average lifespan of 90 days. It will age naturally and be readily shattered by impacts such as clamping and eyelash curling.

You may boost the growth of eyelashes using nutrients such as vitamin B or Biotin to make them stronger, thicker, and more appealing.

Age of eyelashes

Eyelashes need special care

Eyelashes, like hair, have a structure and are easily clogged with dust. If we do not clean and care for our eyelashes properly every day, “dozens” of issues might come.

If your eyelashes are not properly cared for on a daily basis, dirt, sweat, and even mascara can cause them to become weak, brittle, and sparse. So, no matter how exhausted you are after a long day at work, take the time to carefully wipe away your eye makeup (with a specialist eye makeup remover). The lashes have been thoroughly cleaned while remaining healthy.

Mascara can cause lash irritation

Mascara is one of the “culprits” that might irritate eyelashes. Because waterproof mascara contains water-repellent chemicals such as dimethicone copolyol and silicone, which can act on the eyelashes and cause irritation.

Waterproof mascara can easily cause inflammation, itching, and discomfort in your eyelashes, so the best way to protect and nourish your eyelashes is to choose mascaras that contain natural ingredients or do not contain preservatives, fragrances, or harmful substances that can easily damage eyelashes.

Mascara can cause lash irritation

Eyelash extensions can be dangerous to eyelashes

Eyelash extensions are now one of the hottest trends. As a conclusion, having long and curled eyelashes just takes approximately 60-90 minutes. However, there are certain hazards associated with this cosmetic procedure. Especially for people with thin eyelashes.

Eyelash extension ingredients, such as formaldehyde, might irritate the lashes. Furthermore, both artificial and natural eyelashes might fall out if not properly cared for.

Eyelash extensions can be dangerous to eyelashes

Eyelash curlers might result in lash loss or breakage

To make your lashes curl more smoothly, use the lash curl technique. This instrument, however, is one of the reasons for hair loss. If you wish to use an eyelash curler, do it cautiously and softly. Avoid having to deal with the problem of “deprecated” eyelashes. You should also minimize your usage of eyelash curlers if you do not believe it is required. In fact, they cause your eyelashes to crack and become weaker.

Eyelash curlers might result in lash loss or breakage

The causes of short and weak eyelashes

Many people believe that having short, weak, and thin eyelashes is inherited. However, there are numerous more things to consider during growing up, such as:

  • Stress
  • Hormone imbalance and hormonal alterations
  • Aging
  • Eyelashes that are brittle
  • Using low-quality, counterfeit, copycat, or expired cosmetics without realizing it
  • Excessive rubbing while cleaning, face wash, and makeup removal.
  • Paying no attention to hygiene
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • I frequently stay up late.
  • However, they do not follow the proper procedure at a recognised company.

Although it has little effect on many health issues, it causes discomfort in many women. This is because short, thin eyelashes make the eyes and face appear less appealing. It is no surprise that the eyes are regarded as the windows to the soul. And, without a doubt, eyelashes have a significant impact on the “appearance” of that window to the soul.

Solutions to nourish eyelashes

The good news is that if you take proper care of your eyelashes, they may grow longer and curlier. Eyelashes, like hair, can be long, silky, and healthy. Fracture will be reduced greatly as well. The following solutions can assist you in achieving the ideal eyelashes.

Green tea

Green tea is abundant in flavonoids and polyphenols, such as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). This substance promotes the growth of long, thick, and dark eyelashes. The situation of loss of lashes has also improved greatly.

Put a cold tea bag on your eyelids if you have dark circles or tired eyes. This will help you relax your eyes and grow longer eyelashes.

Another simple way is to soak a cotton swab in a cup of green tea. Then, apply eyelashes. This occurs on a daily basis. You will definitely be shocked by the contour of your eyes after 3-4 weeks.

green tea

Castor oil

Castor oil is still called a “panacea” for health and beauty. Common applications include curing wrinkles, treating burnt skin, avoiding grey hair, treating dandruff, and so forth. However, few people are aware that castor oil has a fantastic impact on stimulating eyelashes. expand in length

Castor oil has been demonstrated in several tests to make eyelashes grow 5 times quicker than usual. The chemicals in castor oil, in particular, encourage the eyelashes to be robust and not fall out.

The implementation is also fairly basic. All you have to do is apply castor oil to your eyelashes every night before bed. Alternatively, you may combine castor oil and coconut oil and apply it on the eyelashes using a cotton swab. You leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning.

This may be done 3-5 times each week. You will see a difference in your lashes after only two weeks.

Olive oil

Many beauty bloggers recommend using olive oil to nourish eyelashes. Olive oil is high in important fatty acids, which help prevent eyelash loss. On the contrary, it supports the growth of new eyelashes.

If you have significant eyelash loss on a daily basis, olive oil is your saviour.

Every day, take a cotton swab coated in olive oil and brush the eyelashes from the root to the tip. It has the capacity to store water and enhance hair follicle development. Your lashes will be more thicker and longer as a consequence.

It should be done before going to bed every day. After around 3-4 weeks, you will get the desired results.

Olive oil

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential if you desire long and thick eyelashes. The Kardashian sisters reveal the key to having long and thick eyelashes, due to vitamin E.

Many researches have also demonstrated vitamin E’s efficacy in health and attractiveness. Many of you may be aware that vitamin E is the key to long, lustrous lashes. In essence, hair and eyelashes are interchangeable.

Vitamin E not only improves eyelashes but also speeds up hair development. All you have to do is apply a Vitamin E tablet to your lashes. After around 10 minutes, rinse with clean water. Should be used on a daily basis and in conjunction with eyelash extensions.

There is no damage in applying vitamin E before going to bed. Take cautious not to get vitamin E in your eyes.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera provides ingredients that assist to profoundly hydrate while also preventing water loss. As a result, eyelashes can be made stronger, thicker, and grow faster. You may apply the mask and eyelashes straight with the aloe vera pulp. Furthermore, there are many different forms of aloe vera gel that may be used to the eyelashes. Before going to sleep, apply the gel. This is a highly safe and effective treatment.

Aloe vera

Shea Butter

Today, shea butter is the most popular natural source of moisturizing ingredients. Many individuals still see shea butter’s look as a wonderful spell for eyelashes.

Shea butter offers anti-aging properties by decreasing free radical activity. Moreover, shea butter components boost collagen production. Eyelashes grow longer and healthier than ever before.

Coconut oils

Vietnamese ladies are quite familiar with the use of coconut oil for eyelashes. Natural coconut oil has a lot of vitamins and is completely safe. Protein retention is another feature of coconut oil that helps to prevent eyelash loss.

When you apply coconut oil to it, it will feel light and comforting. You may use either homemade virgin coconut oil or coconut oils manufactured specifically for eyelashes. You will be pleasantly surprised by the benefits of coconut oil on your eyes in less than two weeks. Every day, apply coconut oil to your eyelids. Alternatively, a sufficient frequency of 4-5 times each week.

Coconut oils


You believe that massage is exclusively for the body. However, if you desire fuller and longer eyelashes, you should massage them every day. Massage might help to enhance blood circulation beneath the skin. It just takes approximately 2-3 minutes to complete. The eyelashes will be considerably thicker this way.

In addition to non-massage, you can massage with a specific eye cream or eyelash cream. You should do this every day because it is a simple strategy that takes little time.


If the homeopathic products listed above do not work, you should consider taking biotin. This is also a method for promoting thick, long, and strong eyelashes. In essence, hair loss in the lashes or brows is caused by a lack of biotin. As a result, supplementing with this ingredient will assist you in achieving the required eyelashes. To achieve the greatest results, however, it is important to visit a doctor or a professional.


People regularly focus on and properly remove makeup from their faces. Few people have a problem removing their makeup and wiping their eyes. Instead of rubbing your eyes, use an eye makeup remover-soaked cotton pad. To remove makeup, dab into lashes and swipe. If you overlook this process, your eyelashes will “decrease their lifetime.”

Choose the right eye makeup

You could look into beauty companies and get a specialised eye care kit. Because your eyes have a large influence on your face. As a result, the eye makeup kit must be authentic, safe, and effective.

Choose a trustworthy brand of mascara. Take note of the mascara’s components and expiration date. Do not be sorry since continuing to use it will worsen your eyelash condition.


Proper nutrition

In addition to a balanced diet, you should select items that boost eyelash growth. Foods with elements such as:

  • Iron
  • A vitamin
  • Fatty Acids Omega-3
  • B5 vitamin
  • Carotene (Beta Carotene)

When these substances enter the body, they are absorbed and processed to produce nutrients that aid in the maintenance of eyelashes. It is very useful at preventing eyelash loss.

You should also exercise on a regular basis. As a result, the blood circulation process is aided. With appropriate blood supply, the skin surrounding the eyes will be healthier. Eyelashes are fed and cared for as well.

Keep in mind when putting makeup

You should also be delicate and careful when using eyelash extensions, curling, or clamping. In these situations, it is quite simple to lose eyelashes. It is important to note that removing false eyelashes after makeup should be done with care. To remove eyelash glue, mix with a face cleaner. Then, to keep your eyelashes from drying out, add coconut oil and castor oil.

Do not curl your lashes after applying mascara. When the eyelashes are damp and thick, the incidence of breaking is significantly higher than normal.


Eyelash Serum

It is natural to lose eyelashes on a daily basis. Similar to the hair growth cycle, eyelashes change in their own way. Each person loses between 1-4 eyelashes every day on average. However, the following figure may vary based on each person’s present condition and living environment. However, if you notice too much, you should adjust your lifestyle as well as your eyelash maintenance.

You should also maintain a consistent and meticulous eyelash maintenance regimen. It is critical to have an eyelash serum on hand.

The serum’s components often comprise active elements that can preserve, nourish, and encourage the growth of thick and strong eyelashes. Serums are basically a mix of vitamins, oils, and minerals. They also have a pretty light texture, so they do not make the eyes heavy and unpleasant when applied on the lashes. This is also a very delicate location, thus the serum must be completely safe.

You may select from a variety of options and test them out. You will undoubtedly locate the thing you want after numerous attempts. The benefit of eyelash serums is that they often produce faster effects than natural alternatives. However, if your skin and eyelashes are really sensitive, the remedies based on the natural substances described above should be your first priority.

Eyelash balm

Using an eyelash conditioner before going to bed will help your lashes grow longer and thicker. Natural extracts and rare herbs are used in eyelash care products, making them safe for your eyes.

Eyelash balm

The facts about eyelashes listed above may surprise you. Hopefully, this information has helped you find the best eyelash care approach for you. Assist your soul window in becoming more gleaming and appealing.

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