Glue Cup – 100pcs


V-shaped bases in the edge for holding the false eyelashes and can make eyelashes fan quickly.
Easy to use for make your owe eyelashes fan, do not need to clean up.
The inner structure is divided into 2 glue parts, it can makes the glue be used twice for 2 different space for practical use.
– Used to hold glue or inks. It is perfect for makeup leaners and eyelashes extension practice.
– No eyelashes waist.
– Quick and easy, no mess to up.
– Great for use during the eyelash extension.
– Perfect to fit for new starters as an assistance tool.

Our volume adhesive wells make creating your own fans faster and easier than ever before.

Simply dip your fan in the adhesive and then swipe through the groove to create a pointed base and remove any excess adhesive.

  • Faster Application
  • Neater, Thinner Fan Bases
  • 100 Wells per Pack
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