Top Ways To Make Long And Thick Eyelashes Fast At Home In Just 7 Days

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Many women aspire to have eyes with curled eyelashes. However, not everyone gets to live their dream easily. Let Minh Lashes discover the secrets of long


You don’t have to put on too much eye makeup or spend money at a beauty salon to get eyelash extensions and still have a long and thick eyelash line. Discover the top 7 ways to get long and thick eyelashes at home in just 7 days by reading the following article. Knowing how to make these eyelashes long and thick quickly will help your eyelashes become curled and beautiful naturally.

Top ways to make long and thick eyelashes fast at home in just 7 days

Why do eyelashes fall out and become sparse?

There are many different causes of hair loss and thinning. Some people are born with this problem. For others, over time, the eyelashes become more and more sparse. Because of this, the eyes become less attractive, and it’s hard for the other person to keep liking how they look. And usually, it takes about 6–12 months for new lashes to grow back.

According to beauty experts, some of the main causes of eyelash loss are:

  • Due to age problems, aging;
  • Hormonal changes;
  • Having some special diseases, for example, cancer also causes loss of eyelashes, hair, etc;
  • Hormonal imbalance, very common in women;
  • Nutritional deficiencies;
  • Unbalanced exercise and living regimen;
  • Due to hair loss;
  • Genetic factors;
  • Improper eyelash care;
  • Makeup removal is not guaranteed;
  • Make up too much and use cosmetic products of poor quality, especially Mascara.

Based on the above reasons, do you know what the reason is for your sparse eyelashes? The following methods that the Beauty class gives you will help you get comprehensive care and make your eyelashes longer and thicker.

Why do eyelashes fall out and become sparse

How to grow long and thick eyelashes at home safely and effectively

There are numerous methods for obtaining long and thick eyelashes quickly. You should, however, begin with a comprehensive and core plan. That will help you eat better, get enough of the nutrients you need, and especially help your eyelashes grow. You need a healthy, balanced diet.

Eyelashes are made up mainly of protein. Scientists have studied animals and found that those that do not consume enough protein lose their eyelashes. Therefore, you should add enough protein-rich foods to your daily menu. Some foods, such as: meat, fish, eggs, nuts such as almonds or chia seeds, coconut, beans, milk, oats…

Adequate vitamin intake is also essential. In it, vitamins A, B, C, and D are related to the growth of eyelashes. Dark green leafy vegetables such as water spinach, spinach, kale, broccoli, etc. are excellent sources of these vitamins. In addition, citrus fruits, kiwis, strawberries, avocados, mushrooms, etc., should not be missed.

People with iron deficiency anemia are prone to eyelash loss. Furthermore, it can cause hair loss, thinning eyebrows, and other cosmetic issues. Therefore, iron supplementation is indispensable in the daily diet. You can eat spinach, cereals, white beans, red amaranth, beetroot…

Biotin or vitamin H is also important for thicker and longer eyelashes. Smoothies, nuts, and green vegetables are foods that supplement this ingredient.

How to Grow Long and Thick Eyelashes at Home Safely and Effectively

How to make eyelashes long and thick quickly with castor oil

Castor oil is very effective in treating hair loss. Many studies show that the nutrients in castor oil help strengthen eyelashes and make them grow faster. One of the prominent ingredients is ricinoleic acid. In addition, this is also a way to moisturize and help grow thick, long and beautiful eyelashes.

How to use lavender essential oil to make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker fast

Many people already know that lavender essential oil can help you feel very calm. However, lavender also has the ability to make eyelashes grow faster and thicker. For girls with thin, short, or falling eyebrows, you can also use lavender essential oil.

However, some ingredients in lavender can cause allergies and rashes, like tea essence. Therefore, users should also test the product before applying it to their eyelashes.

How to grow long and thick eyelashes with olive oil

Olive oil is not only famous for its anti-aging properties. That is the secret to making eyelashes longer and thicker. You only need to apply olive oil about once a day. Then rinse it off with warm water. After about 2 weeks, you will have the desired eyelashes.

How to grow long and thick eyelashes with olive oil

Pay attention to the eyelash cleaning routine

Many women have the bad habit of not removing their makeup after applying it. Therefore, it is easy to damage the eyelashes. Causes hair loss and slow growth. Mascara clogs hair follicles and severely weakens eyelashes. Those who use low-quality products, in particular.

So, if you wear mascara often, you need a separate product to take off your eye makeup. In the event that you use waterproof mascara, it is certainly quite difficult to remove it. The suggestion for you is to use an oil-based makeup remover.

In addition, when removing makeup, it should be done gently, not too harshly. Thus, it is very easy to cause eyelashes to fall and break.

Many people think that if you trim your eyelashes regularly, they will grow longer. This is a misconception. In case you need to cut your eyelashes, you can go to the spa and see a consultant instead of trimming or plucking yourself. You can cause damage to the eye area and hair follicles. As a result, the healing pig turned into a lame pig, so it was not well understood.

Many women like curved eyelashes, so they often curl their eyelids. You need to practice this carefully. Use a specialized eyelash curler. This will help the eyes look more beautiful without damaging the eyelashes.

If you use false eyelashes, don’t pull them when you take them out. Do it slowly and gently.

Pay attention to the eyelash cleaning routine

Make eyelashes long and thick with eye massage

Use your fingers to gently massage your eyelids every day. This method helps promote better blood circulation in the eye area. Therefore, the area will be supplied with sufficient nutrients. Thereby preventing skin aging. You can incorporate essential oils during eye massage.

You can use castor oil. This type, as shared above, contains ricinoleic acid. This ingredient can prevent shedding and increase the thickness of eyelashes.

You use 1 part castor oil and then mix it with 1 part coconut oil. Mix well, then add vitamin E oil. This mixture helps eyelashes grow stronger, blacker, and faster. You can do this on a daily basis until you have the desired eyelashes. Then you reduce the frequency to maintain the health of your eyelashes.

How to make eyelashes long and thick fast at home with warm compresses

Many beauty experts claim that just a warm compress can help deeply relax the eyes. Accordingly, this also helps to increase blood circulation to the eye area to help grow stronger eyelashes. You just need to dip a clean cloth in warm water. Then, squeeze out the water and place it on your eyelids for about 5 minutes. Do this regularly, every day. Surely, you will be amazed at the results that this simple way to make long and thick eyelashes brings.

How to make eyelashes long and thick fast at home with warm compresses

Royal jelly for long and thick eyelashes

Royal jelly has the ability to help black eyelashes grow, moisturize, and shine. Over time, the nutrients in royal jelly will help the eyelashes grow longer. You can use a cotton swab and apply royal jelly to your eyelashes. Leave overnight and wash off the next day.

Do this every day for one month. You can then simply stop at sustain.

Make eyelashes long and thick with serum

According to beauty experts, eyelash serum is a method that brings fast and safe results. The serum contains essential nutrients that stimulate the growth of long and thick eyelashes. In addition, the eyelash serum provides moisture, making eyelashes stronger.

How to grow long, thick eyelashes at home using tea essence

Like coconut oil, essence or tea tree oil can help your eyelashes grow and get thicker. Tea essence also helps to make eyelashes darker and creates a moisture barrier, as well as promoting the health of cells and hair follicles. This prevents hair loss and breakage.

Every day, use a cotton swab to apply tea tree oil to the eyelashes. Can be left overnight. For some people, this can cause irritation. Therefore, you should try the product before using it. Apply to the hands before the eyes, for example.

How to Grow Long, Thick Eyelashes at Home Using Tea Essence

Avoid frequent eye contact

Many people have a habit of making eye contact. Meanwhile, our hands are in contact with the outside quite a lot. Capable of carrying dirt and bacteria. Therefore, when you touch your eyes, you can get infections, lose eyelashes, etc. Avoid touching your eyes with your hands. This will maintain the health of the hair follicles. Eyelashes will be healthy and grow faster, blacker, and thicker.

You should also wash your eyelashes every day. There is a lot of dirt that can get on the eyelashes that is invisible to the naked eye. You use a gentle cleanser to carefully clean your lashes. Before going to bed, you can use an eyelash brush to avoid clumping lashes. Brush gently.

Another note for women: limit eye makeup and use waterproof mascara. These actions can dry and irritate lashes. As a result, weak eyelashes will surely fall off quickly. Many people have the habit of bending their eyelids, so be careful.

Use serum to grow eyelashes

When you stand in front of a crowd, you feel very self-conscious if your eyelashes are short and sparse. Your lashes are sparse and fall out more as a result of eyelash extensions. Attaching false eyelashes also makes you uncomfortable and inconvenient in life. You want your eyelashes to grow faster and more naturally. We recommend using a serum to stimulate eyelash growth. Eyelash growth serum is suitable for those who have too few eyelashes, weak eyelashes, or too short eyelashes.

However, not all products are good for you. You should choose reputable, branded products. It is best to consult people who have used eyelash growth serums and ask them what brand of product they use.

Use serum to grow eyelashes

Mascara with coconut oil for eyelashes

Although coconut oil is very benign, it is not known if it is safe to apply to the eyes? Don’t know if it’s good to use coconut oil for eyelash care? Using coconut oil is one of the ways to make long eyelashes quickly and effectively. You can comfortably apply coconut oil on your eyelids without worrying about allergies. However, when applying coconut oil mascara to your eyelashes, be careful not to get coconut oil in your eyes. If it gets into your eyes, wash it off immediately with clean water.

Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and triglycerides. Applying coconut oil is one of the fastest ways to grow eyelashes. Coconut oil will nourish and lengthen your lashes quickly. You should apply coconut oil every night before going to bed; it will help your eyelashes grow faster. You take a cotton swab dipped in coconut oil and then brush the eyelashes from the root to the tip. Do it the same way you would apply mascara. You leave it like that overnight. When you wake up in the morning, use water to wash it off.

When you first start using coconut oil, you should try to apply it continuously for 7–10 days. After about 10 days, the eyelashes are a little longer; now you do not need to apply coconut oil regularly; only once every 3 days is okay. Apply coconut oil in combination with Revitalash eyelash serum; use persistently until your eyelashes grow back to the desired length, then stop. When applied in this manner, eyelashes usually regrow quickly within 14 to 20 days.

Mascara with coconut oil for eyelashes

Make eyelashes longer with aloe vera

Aloe vera is also one of the most popular ways to make eyelashes grow faster. Aloe vera makes the hair follicle glands in the lashes work harder, which makes the eyelashes grow faster. You take aloe vera gel, and then, like coconut oil, you use a cotton swab dipped in aloe vera gel. Allow to sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with clean water after applying evenly to lashes. With this method, combined with Revitalash eyelash growth serum, after about 3 weeks, you will see a change in your eyelashes. Aloe vera will make eyelashes longer, thicker, and denser than before.

If only you had more time, you should mix aloe vera gel with coconut oil in a ratio of 1:1 and apply it to your eyelashes. The mixture of aloe vera gel and coconut oil is the fastest way to make eyelashes long, helping to bring about extremely good eyelash growth.

How to make long and thick eyelashes quickly with fresh milk

Fresh milk is rich in protein and vitamins, so it is useful in helping to stimulate the fastest and longest hair growth. It is also very simple to make long and thick lashes with fresh milk. Simply dip a cotton swab in milk and brush it over your lashes. You should also drink milk daily to increase nutrients for eyelash growth. After that, leave a little to nourish your lashes.

In addition to learning how to make lashes long and thick quickly with fresh milk, you should also drink more fresh milk to nourish your lashes from the inside.

How to Make Long and Thick Eyelashes Quickly with Fresh Milk

With the top ways to make long and thick eyelashes fast at home in just 7 days listed above, I hope you will soon have natural, long, and charming eyelashes. Good luck. Don’t forget to send your eyelash care photos to Minh Lashes so we can share our beauty experiences together.

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