How Long Do Curling Lashes Last? How To Keep The Curl Of Eyelashes Longer

Nowadays, curling lashes is no longer a strange beauty service for women. Almost like curling hair, eyelash curling is also done by the use of drugs and the effect of heat so that the eyelashes have a curl and keep this curl for a certain period of time. Let’s learn with Minh Lashes how long to keep curls and how to keep them curled longer!

How To Keep The Curl Of Eyelashes Longer

Things to know about eyelash curling service

Impact on the eyelashes, women are often familiar with 2 services of eyelash extensions and eyelash curling. However, with eyelash curling, the specialist will act directly on the real eyelashes and only make the eyelashes have a natural curvature, not a false eyelash extension like an eyelash extension service. Therefore, curling eyelashes helps the eyes to be sharper, bigger but still retain the natural features. When performing eyelash curling services on client eyelashes, the specialist must be highly skilled and meticulous. Because these are real eyelashes, they are extremely sensitive and performed on the eyes – a very important part of the human body. Even the use of poor quality drugs, or the wrong amount of heat can affect the eye part.

Normally, how long do eyelash curlers last?

Depending on the location and health, each person’s eyelashes can be kept for a different period of time. Similar to curling, the strength to keep the style is also based on good medicine, worker skills, hair quality. For eyelash extensions too, using the right medicine, not too strong and not harmful, will help keep time, longest.

On average, the curl of the eyelashes will keep for about 30-45 days after curling. Apply to people who have a normal body and are not picky about eyelash care after work. If the eyelashes are cared for regularly and carefully, the time to keep the curl can be increased to 60-70 days. And vice versa, if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes, twitching your eyelids, applying makeup in many areas of your eyes. And not paying attention to your eyelid care. The time to keep the curvature of your eyelashes will also be greatly reduced. An important factor to consider carefully is the facility / place you send your eyelashes. It is necessary to find out in advance where there are highly skilled professionals who use good drugs to ensure safety when acting on the eyelids as well as the eye area. In short, how long eyelash curling can last depends on many factors, including eyelash care.

How to take care of your eyelashes to have the most durable and effective curvature!

How to keep the curl of eyelashes longer In order not to waste time. And money when it takes a few hours to curl your eyelashes, take a moment to take care of your eyelashes to help prolong the “life” of your lashes. Here are some simple ways to keep curls longer that you can refer to:

How to take care of your eyelashes to have the most durable and effective curvature!

Nourish lashes with coconut oil

Coconut oil is a method used by many women to help thicken eyelashes and keep curls. Not only should it be used to keep the curls after curling the eyelashes. Daily using coconut oil is still an effective method to always keep the eyelashes in the thickest, most beautiful state. So buy yourself a bottle now. Besides, coconut oil is extremely benign, you do not need to worry about it affecting the structure of your eyelashes or eyes. You can comfortably use coconut oil to brush your eyelashes several times a day. As for the cleaning step, just use a gentle makeup remover on the lash area once and clean as usual in the evening. Then, apply a moderate amount of coconut oil on the eyelashes to absorb the nutrients from coconut oil into the best eyelids.

Curl your lashes with your hand

Thought this is a method that is not very effective, but if done regularly every day, your eyelashes will be lengthened very well. This exercise is like a substitute for using a clipper to clamp the eyelashes, causing eyelash loss.

Get rid of the habit of sleeping on your stomach

Lying face down on the pillow not only makes the eyelids press down, quickly straightening. It also makes the skin condition worse. Especially at the beginning of curling, maintaining this sleeping position for many days causes the eyelashes to be distorted, broken, deformed or straightened after curling. In addition, according to scientific evidence, the sleeping position on the stomach causes bad effects on the mind. Therefore, please maintain a sleeping position on your back. So as not to affect the eyelashes as well as ensure good health.

Get rid of the habit of rubbing your eyes with your hands

Even if it’s not a new time to curling lashes, this is not a habit that needs to be maintained. Because rubbing your hands vigorously will cause eye friction, leading to injury and affecting your ability to observe if the habit is repeated for a long time. In addition, our hands are often dusty, which is not hygienic, causing eye diseases. So how does this habit affect the maintenance of the curvature of the eyelashes after bending? Rubbing the eyes can straighten the lashes very quickly, changing the structure of the eyelashes after curling. Moreover, the base of the eyelashes will be weakened leading to the phenomenon of eyelash loss. If your eyes are itchy or tired, use eye drops and wipe with a tissue. It ensures that the eyes are no longer itchy and tired, but the eyelashes are also healthy and retain their curvature for longer.

Limit strong eye makeup removal

The heavy makeup in the eye area makes you have to remove the eye makeup very carefully and vigorously to clean it. However, this happens to lose the natural curvature of the curling eyelashes. In order not to affect the curvature and take good care of the eyelashes. It is recommended to use gentle makeup removers or oils, use cotton swabs or cotton pads to remove makeup. Along with that, you should not use mascara after curling your eyelashe. Because curling helps your eyelashes naturally curl to create accents for your eyes, so using mascara only makes you have to remove makeup strongly. Affecting the eyelids.

Limit strong eye makeup removal

Here is information about curling lashes. Come to Minh Lashes to experience eyelash beauty services!

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