Good And Bad Habits That Affect Eyelashes

A naturally beautiful lash will be affected by many factors. If you always stick to good habits and get rid of bad ones, your eyelashes will become more shimmering. Today, let’s learn with Minh Lashes about the good and bad habits that affect your eyelashes!

Good And Bad Habits That Affect Eyelashes

Three bad habits that make your eyelashes short and sparse that you should avoid

In addition to taking care of the skin and lips, eyelashes are also an indispensable part of women, especially those who often wear makeup. For girls, eyelashes are one of the keys to deciding whether eye makeup is beautiful or not. Many times you will also lose three to five eyelashes because some people will engage in petty habits like rubbing their eyes or putting on a lot of makeup that makes eyelashes fall out more easily and sparsely on day 1.

Bad Habit 1: Not removing makeup thoroughly

After applying mascara or eyeliner, the burden on the eyelashes increases. Always keep the habit of carefully removing makeup at this time. Not doing so will cause your eyelashes to fall out. Therefore, you should pay attention to also cleaning the mascara and not letting it stick for too long.

 Bad Habit 2: Rubbing your eyes too hard

Rubbing your eyes too hard does a lot of damage to your eyelashes. In addition, rubbing the eyes for a long time has a great chance of causing the muscles around the eyes to relax, sometimes resulting in ingrown hairs. Advice for women is to never deliberately rub their eyes if dust blows gently.

Rubbing your eyes too hard

Bad habit 3: Using the wrong eyelash curler

Due to using too much force when curling lashes, the initial eyelash growth and metabolism cycle are inherently very fast, and with the stimulation of external forces, the initial eyelashes will also fall faster. You should pay attention.

Three good habits that nourish your eyelashes

Good habit 1: Use eyelash growth serum

You can put eyelash conditioner on before bed because it has ingredients that help lashes grow. This will help your eyelashes grow. Before each mascara application, apply a light layer of eyelash conditioner.

Use eyelash growth serum

Good Habit 2: Protein Supplements

In addition to relying on product maintenance, internal nutrition is also very important. The principle of operation of lashes is like that of hair, and the indispensable nutrient is protein. If you want your lashes to grow thick and long, you can consume protein-rich foods.

Good Habit 3: Eye massage

Eye massage not only eliminates eye fatigue but also improves blood circulation around the eyes, which is beneficial for eyelash growth. When applying the cream, you can massage the points around the eyes, press each point for 3 seconds, and use the ring finger to lift from the corner of the eye to the temple.

Eye massage

Above are three good habits and three bad habits that directly affect your eyelashes. Actively implement good habits and let go of bad ones. Don’t forget to follow Minh Lashes to get more useful information every day.

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