Tips To Make Curly Eyelashes Extremely Simple At Home

Long, curled eyelashes are always one of the most noticeable things about a person. They can make the whole face look more beautiful and charming. Make women’s eyes more attractive. There are many simple ways to curl eyelashes at home that you can take advantage of. Minh Lashes will show women how to make long and curly eyelashes in just a few simple steps today.

Why should you choose natural curling instead of curling?

Why should you choose natural curling instead of curling

The mechanical method of curling eyelashes is done by means of a heating mechanism or by using an eyelash curler to make the eyelashes curl. Meanwhile, the eyelashes are a very sensitive part, and the root of the eyelashes is very easy to break. When eyelashes are affected by great heat or unsafe chemicals in poor-quality eyelash curling products. If the eyelashes are weak, the reaction of the eyelashes will be very severe: the eyelashes will fall out and break, and the eyelid walls will be easily irritated. If the lashes are healthy, the reaction will take place gradually.

Not only that, eyelash curlers are usually only used for 1-2 months after curling. If the technician is not skilled, when the lashes are curled unevenly and the curvature is not as expected, you have to wait until the eyelashes release the curl again.

However, all of this only happens at unscrupulous eyelash curling centers that operate under the radar. If you want to curl your eyelashes to have perfect, beautiful eyelashes, you should go to a reputable eyelash curling salon.

When it comes to how to naturally curl eyelashes, the results are not instant, but the method works in the long run because it is natural. All of these methods are very safe and will give you curled eyelashes when they say they will.

Instructions to make curled eyelashes at home safely

Instructions to make curled eyelashes at home safely

Natural curling can be done quickly and without harming the eyelashes with simple household items. Specifically:

How to make naturally curled eyelashes with a spoon

Use a small metal spoon, preferably a teaspoon, to fit your lashes and not be too big. Make sure the curvature of the spoon matches the eyelid.

Place the spatula in hot water, then pat dry before curling your lashes.

When the spoon is held horizontally, the tip can be pressed against the eyelids with the base of the spoon facing outward.

Follow the curve of the spatula with your hand and hold for 30 seconds. The heat from the spoon acting on the eyelashes will cause them to curl in the shape of the hair.

Continue to heat the spoon and apply it to your lashes until you see a full curl.

Use mascara to keep the curvature of your lashes. You should use transparent or black mascara to achieve a natural look. Mascara will keep the curl of your lashes for one day.

To smooth the mascara, use the eyelash brush to gently brush over the eyelids in an upward direction. This will separate the lashes and remove the mascara clumping on the eyelids. Be careful not to brush too much, as this will break the curvature of your lashes.

How to make naturally curled eyelashes from cotton swabs and mascara

How to make naturally curled eyelashes from cotton swabs and mascara

Women often have the problem of not keeping the curvature of their eyelashes after using mascara. And this is also a normal phenomenon. You apply mascara after clamping your eyelashes. But mascara only has the function of making eyelashes thicker and darker and retaining a certain curvature. When going out, the eyelids are exposed to many influences, such as wind and sunlight, and the eyelashes will quickly collapse.

So now, so that you don’t worry too much about this, here’s how to naturally curl your lashes and keep them longer when using mascara.

Brush mascara on the eyelids, 1 layer or 2 layers, depending on the preference of each woman.

While the lashes are still wet, quickly hold the body of the cotton swab horizontally and gently lift the lashes. If you don’t have a cotton swab, you can use a long, thin tool to lift your lashes.

Use a cotton swab to fix the curvature of your eyelashes. How to Curl Your Eyelashes Naturally

Use a cotton swab to fix the curvature of your lashes

Hold the lifting position for 30 minutes to help the mascara dry and fix the shape of the eyelashes that are pointing up.

After removing the cotton swab, use a hair dryer set to warm, at least 15 cm away from the lashes, and gently dry the mascara (the dryer should be placed down, and the direction of blowing should be up). You must not leave the dryer in hot mode when using this method.

If you follow the steps above for your lower lashes, you’ll have long, naturally curled eyelashes that will last for a full day, no matter how busy you are.

How to make naturally curled eyelashes with your fingers

How to make naturally curled eyelashes with your fingers

Before doing this, make sure your hands are clean.

Warm up your fingers by soaking them in warm water for 1 minute.

Use your index finger to press and push the lashes so that all the lashes are pressed in an upward direction.

Hold this position for 30 seconds to fix the eyelashes.

Apply mascara quickly to maintain your curvature. Note that you should apply two layers so that the entire lash area is covered with mascara.

How to keep the curvature of eyelashes with aloe vera gel

Take a moderate amount of aloe vera gel with your index finger, then gently massage to spread and warm the aloe vera gel and white finger.

Gently stroke the lashes with your fingertips with the aloe vera gel on them several times to make sure the aloe vera gel is firmly attached to the lashes.

Use warm hands to fix the eyelids for 30 seconds.

Do the same with the lower lashes.

Use the dryer on a gentle setting to dry the lashes in the direction of the wind from the bottom up to help fix the curl. If necessary, apply more mascara.

How to make long-lasting curled eyelashes with natural ingredients at home

How to make long-lasting curled eyelashes with natural ingredients at home

First, we will show you how to make long and curled eyelashes at home with natural ingredients. Easy to find, safe for the body, and extremely economical, this is the most trusted way to make curled eyelashes at home.

Use vitamin E on a daily basis—how to safely curl eyelashes

Vitamin E is a beauty ingredient that has been loved by many people since ancient times. by moisturizing, caring for, and stimulating the growth of new skin and hair cells. Likewise, this vitamin can also naturally help your lashes become more beautiful.

You can buy vitamin E capsules for hair and then poke the sheath with a needle. Using a cotton swab, apply 1-2 drops to the lashes from root to tip. Use regularly twice a day, in the evening before going to bed and in the morning before makeup. This is a way to make eyelashes long and curled in a very short time, trusted by many people.

Castor oil

Similar to olive oil and coconut oil, castor oil is also a well-known ingredient in the beauty community. Has many nutrients, excellent moisturizing ability for the skin. It also stimulates hair and eyelashes to grow longer and faster. This oil is also very safe and does not cause skin irritation. Even the delicate, sensitive skin of the eyelids is the same.

How to make long and curled eyelashes at home is also very simple, just use a clean mascara brush to soak in a little oil. Brush lashes from root to tip with this essential oil, leave overnight, and then wash off the next morning with warm water. You should be persistent and do it every day to achieve the highest efficiency and maintain the health of the eyelashes.

Olive oil/coconut oil

Olive oil/coconut oil

These two plant-based oils contain extremely high levels of triglycerides and fatty acids. Has the ability to moisturize, act as an antibacterial, and stimulate eyelashes to grow thicker and longer naturally. In addition, the oil also contains vitamin E which is extremely good for the body, skin and hair – so it will help nourish healthy eyelashes from root to tip.

Use a cotton swab to soak a little olive oil or coconut oil (1–2 drops at a time) and gently brush all over the lashes every night before going to bed. And leave it overnight, then wash it off with warm water the next morning.

Do this method of curling eyelashes continuously for 10 days to quickly achieve the effect, and eyelashes will grow long quickly. Then, when the lashes are long and curled as desired, apply them 2-3 times per week. Make your eyelashes longer and curlier to supplement nutrients. When applying, be careful not to let the oil get into your eyes, it will be very uncomfortable.

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera is always one of the most popular beauty ingredients. It contains a lot of nutrients, has extremely high moisture, so it will help the skin, hair, and eyelashes become much healthier.

Making curled eyelashes with aloe vera juice is also very simple. Put a few drops of clean water on a fresh leaf, and then apply it to the sides of your eyes. Apply before going to bed every night, and remove and wash your eyes in the morning.

Aloe vera juice can be mixed with essential oils for eyelashes to make the effect stronger. Like castor oil or olive oil, and then using a cotton swab, apply an appropriate amount to the eyes every day.

Honey helps maintain healthy eyelashes

Honey helps maintain healthy eyelashes

The last simple way to make curled eyelashes at home with simple ingredients that we want to introduce is using honey. This is a very healthy food that helps to strengthen the immune system. Its beauty makes the skin and lips feel soft and smooth, and it also kills bacteria and reduces swelling. In addition, it can also help hair follicles and eyelash follicles be healthy and stimulate hair to grow longer and faster.

Simply dip a cotton swab in raw honey and apply it to the entire length of the eyelashes, from root to tip. Leave it on for 30 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water. Do it twice a week for the best results.

In addition, your girlfriend can also mix a few drops of honey and some fresh lemon juice into warm water. Drink every morning to care for healthy eyelashes both inside and out.

Green tea helps stimulate eyelash growth

The next way to make eyelashes long and curled is to use green tea. This drink contains a lot of caffeine and flavonoids, which are extremely good for skin and hair care. Used in cosmetics to treat acne, make skin healthy, or drugs to treat hair loss.

It can also be used to moisturize, fight bacteria and make new eyelashes grow. Just boil green tea, then pour it into a glass and let it cool. Take a cotton pad soaked with a sufficient amount of tea and gently wipe the eyelids. Perform this two times a day, in the morning and evening, to both clean the eyes safely and help the eyelashes become more and more beautiful.



Fresh milk contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, lipid acids, and proteins. All of these things are great for the body and also help eyelashes grow.

Making curled eyelashes at home with this material is also very simple. Just dip a cotton swab in milk and apply it evenly on your lashes from the inside out. Then close your eyes, relax for 30 minutes, and rinse with warm water.

Do it twice a week for the best effect. Every day, you should also drink 1 glass of fresh milk to increase nutrients for the body and help healthy eyelashes from deep inside.

Vaseline moisturizes eyelash follicles

Vaseline can soothe and hydrate, which keeps the eyelash follicles from drying out. Create favorable conditions for the healthy and rapid growth of eyelashes.

Use your fingers or a soft brush to take a little bit of wax and gently apply it to your upper and lower lashes every night. Leave the wax on overnight and rinse it off with warm water in the morning. Only a sufficient amount of wax should be taken, and when applying it, it should also be kept away from the eyelids. Because if the wax gets into the eyes, it will cause discomfort and may affect vision. After one week of using this method, you can immediately check the results.

Grapefruit peel

Grapefruit peel essential oil contains a lot of nutrients that are good for hair and eyelashes. Not only does it help them grow long and thick, but it also has the ability to make black eyelashes shine and have attractive curls. It is a very good way to curl eyelashes. Thanks to that, it is often used as a material for making long, curled eyelashes at home.

Here’s how to use grapefruit peel to make your eyelashes long and curly: Apply a little pure grapefruit peel oil to the eyelashes with a cotton swab. Use it every night before going to bed and wash it off with warm water when washing your face the next morning. Persist in doing it every day, continuously, and after 2 weeks, you will see your eyelashes are much more beautiful and shiny.

How to take care of your eyelashes every day to help them stay healthy

How to take care of your eyelashes every day to help them stay healthy

In addition to nourishing eyelashes with the above ingredients, you also need to pay close attention to how to take care of your eyelashes every day. You should do the following methods at the same time to keep your eyelashes healthy and have better growth conditions.

Brush your lashes properly

Every day, brush your eyelashes with a clean mascara brush to stimulate the hair follicles. Do it for a few minutes every morning and evening, or whenever you have free time. This both untangles, makes the eyelashes more even and beautiful, and helps the eyelashes grow faster.

Massage eyelids regularly

How to Grow Long and Naturally Curled Eyelashes Like other parts of the skin, the eyelids need to be massaged to get blood moving inside the body. And so, the eyelids are also stimulated to grow longer, thicker, and healthier. However, this skin area is quite thin and sensitive, so you need to know how to massage it properly. to be able to nourish healthy eyelashes without damaging the surrounding skin.


  • Wash your hands thoroughly to remove bacteria before performing.
  • Put a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil on the ring finger of both hands.
  • Use your fingers to gently rub around the eyes and eyelids for 5 minutes. To tighten the eyelids, move your fingers around the eye sockets in a circle and then lightly stroke outward. Thus, the skin will always be moist and smooth, and eyelashes will have good growth conditions.

When massaging, it is necessary to perform gentle movements. This is an extremely effective way to curl eyelashes that you should do 2-3 times a day to achieve the best possible effect.

When the eyelid massage is done right, the eyelash follicles will expand and relax, and the blood circulation will be better. The massage movements also allow essential oils to penetrate deeper. From there, the eyelashes and the skin around the eyes will absorb more nutrients. Can naturally grow long and fast and stay healthy. They can also help your eyes feel less tired and help you relax more.

Clean eyelashes

Clean eyelashes

Eyelashes, like the face, must be cleaned of dirt and makeup every morning and evening. Remove makeup and mascara with makeup remover and cotton swabs. You can remove makeup with olive oil or coconut oil, then rinse again with warm water to remove the remaining oil.

Besides the ways to make eyelashes long and curled at home, this will make them healthier. Do not accumulate bacteria; otherwise, the eyelashes will become weaker and weaker. Falling off quickly is worse than getting an infection, easy inflammation, or an eye disease.

Limit makeup so you can rest

When you abuse makeup and use it too often, your eyelashes will become more dry and weak. Therefore, the best way to have long, curled, healthy eyelashes is to give your lashes a rest. at least 1-2 days per week without makeup. At the same time, you should change your mascara every 3–6 months to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria that cause eye infections.

Do not snap or rub lashes

Besides the ways to curl eyelashes and take care of them described above, you also need to pay attention to protecting your eyelashes. No direct physical impact such as jerking, pulling, plucking eyelashes, or rubbing eyes. These things will cause the delicate eyelashes to be displaced, tangled, and broken. As well as using glasses to protect eyes and eyelids from exposure to dusty environments or being damaged by the sun.

Nutritional supplements for the body

Nutritional supplements for the body

As the body lacks substances, the eyelashes will also be weak and easy to break. As well as growth retardation, growth is not as long, even, or healthy as desired. Therefore, adding nutrients to the body is also one of the ways to make eyelashes long and naturally curled.

Like hair, eyelashes have a structure and need to get all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy. To supplement nutrients, eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Drink at least 2 to 2.5 liters of water per day and get protein from protein-rich foods. Like fish, red meat (lean beef, lean pork), nuts, oats, beans, etc. Supplementing with foods rich in fatty acids and nutrients will be better for the body. Helps to build up resistance, which lets healthy skin, hair, and eyelashes grow from the inside out.

In addition, it is also recommended to supplement with biotin. One of the B-complex vitamins that can be dissolved in water. There are many in egg yolks, soybeans, bananas, beef or pork liver, mushrooms, and fatty fish (tuna, salmon, etc.). This vitamin plays a very important role in stimulating eyelash growth. This is a simple way to make curled eyelashes that you should do.

Add dark chocolate, walnuts, blueberries, strawberries, legumes, spinach, onions, citrus, etc. They contain antioxidant compounds, which are extremely good for the body. With eyelashes, in addition to stimulating healthy growth and growing faster and thicker, it also has the ability to prevent weak and broken eyelashes.

Maintain the curling eyelash method we discussed earlier. to have long, thick, and curly eyelashes as soon as possible. You should also pay attention to adding nutrients to the body for healthy eyelashes from deep within. I hope you soon have lovely eyelashes like a dream!

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