How To Get Beautiful Eyelashes?

What kinds of eyelashes are pretty? Is it true that longer eyelashes make people look prettier? Join Minh Lashes to find out what makes a pair of beautiful eyelashes and how to get them.

What kinds of eyelashes are pretty?

What kinds of eyelashes are pretty

Have you ever thought about why we all use mascara to make our eyelashes look thicker, longer, and curlier every time we put on makeup? All of the beauty trends of today focus on the eyes. All eyes will be drawn to someone with big, round eyes and thick, long, curled eyelashes. So what does a beautiful set of eyelashes look like?

Eyelashes are a group of hairs that cover the eye to protect it from things that could be harmful from the outside world. Eyelashes are very sensitive, and if they find something in the eye, they tell the eyelids to close to protect the eyes.

Even guys will be impressed by how pretty eyelashes are. How long your eyelashes are depends on your genes and your background. “The length of the eyelash is one-third the length of the eye” is the perfect length for eyelashes. This is called the “golden ratio” because it can help you look good without making your eyes feel bad.

Around 22 to 26 weeks of pregnancy, eyelashes will start to grow very quickly. Eyelashes have an average life span of 90 days. Like hair, eyelashes will grow back at the end of their lives. But your eyelashes will not last as long if you use mascara and makeup remover on them often.

Why is it important to have thick and dense eyelashes?

Why is it important to have thick and dense eyelashes

We often forget that eyelashes are also very important for the eyes in ways other than how they look. This includes keeping dust and light out of people’s eyes and blocking the sun’s rays. Having thick, dense eyelashes is very important for the eyes and for seeing. The problem is that some of them fall off, and there aren’t as many of them left. It’s not a big deal, but it makes our eyes look more dull. Bad eating habits and using too much makeup are the two main things that cause eyelashes to become dry and stop growing.

How to get pretty eyelashes?

After you’ve seen how beautiful eyelashes are and are looking for a way to make your own eyelashes look better, check out these beauty tips from Minh Lashes:

Remove eye makeup correctly

Why does this step have to be done for pretty lashes? Removing makeup carefully will help your eyelashes stay moist and soft. Before you go to sleep with your makeup on, keep in mind that it will definitely damage your eyelashes. If you don’t want to use olive oil, you can also use a gentle moisturizer. Don’t rub your eyes when you put makeup remover on them. Let it sit for 1–2 minutes, and then slide the cotton from root to tip. Do it gently so that all of the mascara, eyeshadow, glitter, etc. comes off.

Don’t be afraid to use makeup remover on your eyes and eyelashes when you wake up. This method can be used to remove makeup at night, but it can also help mascara last longer and look better.

Put on mascara

Put on mascara

If you want your eyelashes to grow quickly, be thick, and curl up, you can use mascara to get what you want. Before you put on mascara, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Then, put on mascara. When you put on mascara, curl your lashes three times, starting at the root, moving to the middle, and ending with the end. Lift your lashes gently while clamping. Then, hold the mascara brush horizontally in a zigzag motion and move the brush head slowly and evenly upwards at the same time. Lastly, you can straighten the brush head to brush each lash for an extra effect. Then, brush your bottom lashes and the lashes at the corners of your eyes.

Use products that are good for your lashes and help it grow

Long-term use of products that help your lashes grow can also make them longer and more beautiful. Apply an eyelash growth product to the root of your eyelashes every night after you take a shower. For the best results, do this twice a day. The more it works, the better it is. Note that you shouldn’t use it right before bed, because if you do, the liquid will slowly flow into your hot eyes and make you feel bad. Eyelash growth products should only be used on lashes. If they get into your eyes from too much use, you should wash them out right away with water.

Use vitamin E oil to encourage the growth of eyelashes

Before going to bed every night, wipe the lashes with vitamin E oil, and then wipe the whole eyelashes. The results of this method won’t be clear for at least ten days. When you use your eyelashes correctly and often, they get thicker and more flexible.

Use tea to make your eyelashes grow

Use tea to make your eyelashes grow

Use a filter bag with leftover tea, let it cool, and then put it on your eyes before going to bed. The next morning, use a cotton swab to wet your eyelashes and wipe them clean. This will make your eyelashes look like they are growing. This not only helps grow long, beautiful eyelashes, but it also reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Eyelash extensions

Putting on false eyelashes is another quick way to get long, thick lashes. Compared to your fake eyelashes, how long are your eyes? Cut off any extra hairs, and then hold the ends of the lashes in your hands and curl them. Then, put glue on the root of your real lashes and stick on the fake ones. Glue the base of the eyelashes to the end of the eye and hold the rest close to the base of the eyelashes.


By putting Vaseline on your eyelashes every night and morning, you can stop or fix broken lashes. If you use Vaseline often, it can also make your lashes look nicer and make them thicker.

Use natural oils to help your eyelashes look good and stay healthy

Use natural oils to help your eyelashes look good and stay healthy

Putting olive oil, castor oil, or coconut oil on your lashes every night can help them grow and get thicker. This is an old method that works, but you have to be patient with it. Also, putting pieces of lemon peel in a small jar of oil and putting it on your lashes every day can help make them look better.

After reading the article, you probably already know what to do to make your eyelashes look good. Please use one of the above ways to make your eyelashes look good and give your eyes, which they say are the window to the soul, more life. Follow Minh Lashes every day to get more useful information.

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