The Meaning Of Beautiful Eyelashes. Habits That Make Your Eyelashes More Beautiful Every Day

A beautiful face and good-looking five senses are the first factors that help you create an image in the eyes of others. In particular, eyelashes play a role in making the face look charming and in tune with itself. Today, Minh Lashes will learn with you the meaning of beautiful eyelashes and the habits that make your eyelashes more beautiful every day.

Effect of eyelashes

Eyelashes are small fibers that grow in rows on the eyelids. composed of two main components: keratin (97%) and water (3%).

Eyelashes are fragile, but they play an important role in the care and safety of the eyes.

Specifically, eyelashes have the following effects:

  • As a limited shield for dust, foreign objects penetrate into the eye causing burning pain, eye inflammation.
  • Prevents sweat and rain from entering the eyes. Because rainwater contains a small amount of acid, when it gets into the eyes, it can cause burns and lead to a number of other eye diseases.
  • When bugs, dust, or other things like that try to get in, eyelashes also send out warning signals. Thanks to the eyelashes, the defense mechanism will reflect back by closing the eyes, minimizing the risk of eye infections and a scratched cornea.

Effect of eyelashes

What are beautiful eyelashes?

Before taking care of beautiful eyelashes, the first thing we need to know is what beautiful eyelashes are so we can “shape” the eyelashes accordingly.

First, I will share with you the standard length of a beautiful eyelash line that needs to reach a ratio of 1/3 compared to the length of the eyes.

This is considered the golden ratio to make eyes bigger and rounder. In addition, eyelashes of this length will not cause heavy eyelashes or grow back into the eyes, causing discomfort.

Regarding the shape of your eyelashes, this depends on the shape and size of your eyes.

But in general, the curved, long eyelashes focusing on the middle and tail will be more natural, creating more sympathy for the viewer.

According to Eastern culture, the most popular eyelash color is black.

A jet-black, glossy eyelash will help your eyes have a soul, be rich in vitality, and help your face become radiant and full of energy.

What are beautiful eyelashes

The meaning of beautiful eyelashes

In addition to keeping the eyes safe, eyelashes also affect the aesthetic factor, bringing harmony to the overall face.

Owning beautiful eyelashes will give you advantages such as:

Make eyes attractive

Large, round eyes with few, short eyelashes will make the eyes look much less beautiful and attractive.

The ideal eyelash length should be at least 1/3 of the length of your lashes.

When you have thick, curved eyelashes, your eyes will look deeper and bigger, creating an accent for your eyes.

Owning beautiful eyelashes also helps your face have its own features, which people remember more.

Confidence in communication

Having confidence is a big part of having an active mindset and taking charge of a situation.

Confidence also helps you achieve success in work and life. In addition to learning new things, it’s important to take care of your appearance if you want to feel better about yourself.

Having pretty eyelashes is part of having a good-looking appearance that makes you feel good about yourself and gives you confidence.

that has specific appearance requirements. If your job requires you to look a certain way, it’s also helpful to have full eyelashes that are the right length and thickness.

Thus, you will dominate the interviews and seize many opportunities in your career.

The meaning of beautiful eyelashes

Create good generals

Eyelash shape also reveals a part of the personality and destiny of the owner.

So it can be said that taking care of beautiful eyelashes will help you change a part of your destiny and also create more sympathy for the viewer.

Anthropology of eyelashes

Not only do your eyelashes protect your eyes, but they also reveal a part of your personality and destiny.

Let’s see, in anthropology, what eyelashes say.

Eyelashes are concentrated at the corners of the eyes

People who have thin eyelashes that thicken and grow long toward the tail of their eyes are frequently blessed in love.

Because the person who owns this eyelash general is kind, patient, and loyal, he can understand what other people are going through.

In social communication, people also like you very much because of your gentleness, openness, and willingness to help anyone.

Anthropology of eyelashes

Curved, dense eyelashes focus on the center of the eyes

An anthropologist would describe you as a person with a righteous opinion in thought, a liberal, freedom-loving personality.

You can listen to other people’s opinions but still act according to what you think.

This is also a factor that helps you become successful, steady at work, and willing to face difficulties.

When it comes to your passions and the things that excite you, you won’t be afraid to challenge the status quo and find the best solution.

But with the things you don’t like, you are often bored, unfocused, and unprepared.

Therefore, remember to balance emotions and reason and listen to suggestions to improve yourself.

Curved lashes but short lashes

Possessing short, curled eyelashes, you are a creative person, suitable for artistic jobs.

At work, you create a personal mark in the eyes of people.

You don’t get stuck in a rut; it’s simple to come up with new ways to deal with situations.

In communication, you are a source of positive energy, giving others freshness.

Therefore, you are the type of person who attracts people and is always the center of attention.

Curved lashes but short lashes

Eyelashes down

Girls with drooping eyelashes are often not the gentle, feminine type, but have a lot of personality and are strong.

This makes it difficult for you to fall in love because most men are attracted to femininity.

Thin eyelashes

If your eyelashes are sparse and uneven in length, you have an independent personality and way of thinking.

You don’t like to listen to other people’s opinions and always want to make all the plans yourself.

Therefore, it is easy for you to make others feel impulsive and not listen.

You should moderate your strength to become closer to people.

Habits that make your eyelashes more beautiful every day

Come here; surely you already know the reason why you need to take care of beautiful eyelashes, right? But how do you have full, curled eyelashes?

Minh Lashes will tell you the secret to naturally beautiful eyelashes at home just by sticking to the following habits:

Habits that make your eyelashes more beautiful every day

Regular eyelash care

Eyelashes have a cyclical mechanism of falling and renewing. However, depending on the condition and location, the speed of eyelash recovery will be different.

But you can completely intervene to make eyelashes grow faster, longer, and more curled. Please refer to the following 3 eyelash care recipes:

Nourish lashes with coconut oil

Coconut oil, which is rich in moisture and vitamins, has a very good moisturizing effect. You can buy coconut oil or cook it yourself at home, but it’s important to get a pure and high-quality product.

Every night before going to bed, take a cotton swab or mascara (used up) to apply a small amount of coconut oil to your eyelashes.

Remember to wash your face and eye area the next morning.

Nourish lashes with coconut oil

Nourish your lashes with Vaseline

Vaseline has a moisturizing effect to help eyelashes have enough nutrients to grow faster and stronger.

You just need to use mascara to apply a thin layer of Vaseline wax and spread it evenly on the eyelashes every night.

Eyelashes will grow even longer after 3 weeks.

Nourish lashes with sesame oil

Sesame oil speeds up the rate at which new eyelashes grow, which can help fix the problem of broken or sparse lashes.

You need to prepare some sesame oil, use a cotton swab to soak it in, and apply it to your eyelashes.

Do this recipe every night before going to bed for 2-3 weeks to achieve spa-quality lashes.

Use Eyelash Serum

If you want your lashes to grow faster but do not have enough time to use the above methods, you can use an eyelash serum.

These serums often have the effect of growing new and nourishing lashes very effectively. It saves time and is very convenient to carry anywhere.

Use Eyelash Serum

Building a nutritious foods

Balanced nutrition not only helps you have a healthy body but also helps your lashes grow stronger and thicker.

To have beautiful eyelashes, you need to add ingredients such as iron, protein, vitamins A, C, B3,…

You should also drink enough water and use more fruit juices and smoothies to help smooth and darken your eyelashes.

Cleaning the eye area

The habit of removing makeup before going to bed will help you nourish and care for healthy and beautiful eyelashes.

Keeping this makeup for a long time will cause skin congestion and eyelid inflammation, causing old lashes to fall off quickly.

Meanwhile, new lashes have no place to grow because the hair follicles in the eyelids are blocked by makeup residue.

You should also regularly use eye drops and clean the skin around your eyes thoroughly to remove a breeding ground for bacteria.

Thanks to that, your eyelashes and eyes will be kept absolutely safe.

Cleaning the eye area

Be careful when choosing cosmetics

The skin on the face and around the face is often very sensitive.

Using the wrong eyeshadow, foundation, and mascara can irritate the skin and eyelids.

So choose product lines from reputable brands with gentle ingredients for makeup that both help protect your skin and won’t harm your lashes.

So, having beautiful eyelashes not only protects your eyes from harm from the outside, but also gives you many other benefits.

You will feel more confident and take more initiative in life and work, which will open up new doors for you.

From now on, please love and learn how to take better care of your lashes.

Be careful when choosing cosmetics

Above is all the information about the meaning of beautiful eyelashes and the habits that help your eyelashes look more beautiful every day. I wish you success and your own lovely lashes. If you have any related questions, leave them in the comments below and Minh Lashes will answer them for you!

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